PYP EY English-Chinese learner profile display posters

Accessible resources for non-native English speaking bilingual early years students. That’s a lot of requirements and a real mouthful. Pick one of those factors, remove it from the equation and then you’ll find resources easier to come by. There are those out there that almost fit the bill, especially if you don’t need or want them to be bilingual. There are a lot of English language resources pre-made on teachers pay teachers but I find some of the EY display stuff on there too samey. They’re also in English only and …not everything in the early years has to be cutesy (just saying).

One thing I did absolutely struggle to find was a suitable set of display posters for IB learner profiles that were free. I used one set for the whole year but was never entirely happy with them. Only some of them had decent cartoon images that helped show what the learner profile meant and they were also text and word heavy. They did have a very large learner profile name which was useful. The main reason I downloaded them was because they were free, easy to download and it didn’t take a lot of searching to find them. 

Inspired by Sonya Terborg and her Early Years PYP ATL cards, I’ve made a set of display posters for bilingual PYP early years classrooms in China. I’m hoping that they; 

  • Make discussing the learner profiles with students easier.
  • Help make the profiles a bigger part of EY bilingual classrooms.
  • Make the learner profiles easier to remember for students.
  • Encourage Chinese staff to talk about and use the profiles.

A preview and the download link below:

Please download them here.

A note on translation

My friend and colleague Erica Wang helped with translations. Some of the IB learner profile names differ from those provided by the IB in their glossary (search MyIB for PYP English-Chinese glossary). However, I decided not to change them to match. I know who translated mine but I don’t know who translated theirs. Of course, if you spot any translation issues please let me know.


Icons made by various artists* from Licensed by CC 3.0 BY. (*see each individual display poster)

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